Candidate FAQs

Continue to build your resume and grow your knowledge! We offer a multitude of training courses designed for newborn care specialists at varying stages of their careers. Click here to learn more.

We are a referral agency, meaning that our role in the hiring process is recruiting, vetting, and introducing candidates to families, who then make the hiring decision that is right for their family. Being a graduate of our training programs is not a requirement to become a candidate.

There are no fees associated with joining our roster or applying for our open positions. We just ask for professional communication, integrity, and respect at each step of the journey.

As a nationwide agency, we work with families across the country, many of whom are willing to provide transportation to and from their home base during short-term contracts.

No.  While we will help educate the client on standard practices, the ultimate relationship is between you and the client and you will handle any required retainer or deposit directly with the client. 

Yes! We will help educate the client about contracts with their chosen NCS and the actual contract for employment will be between you and the client. 

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