Top Ways Parents Can Prepare for New Baby This Winter

Top Ways Parents Can Prepare for New Baby This Winter

Have you found out that you are expecting a new sweet baby this winter? If so, congratulations on this joyous time. Doctors and midwives may already be seeing an influx of new patients expecting later this year. We know we are seeing a lot of new birth announcements! Here are some ways to prepare for new baby this year.

Even through times of a pandemic, and things changing in our world right now, we want to help you prepare for your new baby. Having a baby can be one of the best experiences of your life yet it can also be very hard learning exactly how to take care of your new little one. That is where a newborn care specialist can be a great asset. Or maybe this is not your first and having the extra hands of a newborn care specialist to see you through those early weeks is going to help get you through this big transition from one to two children. 

A newborn care specialist can help you as a new parent with so many aspects. They are skilled and trained to take care of your new baby, you as the parents, and support everyone along the first few weeks of postpartum. Most newborn care specialists help primarily at night. They are there to help you through the wee hours of the night when your baby wakes. They help with feeding or bringing the baby to parents to nurse, changing diapers, and all the things needed to get the baby back to sleep so you can start healing, resting, and adjusting.

We want you to be ready for this new and exciting time, so we are here to help you with some tips on finding the perfect newborn care specialist for your new baby this winter. Here are our top tips: 

Don’t Wait Too Late 

With the expected number of new babies this winter, try not to wait until the last minute to start looking for and acquiring a newborn care specialist. We’d sure hate for you to miss out on finding the perfect newborn care specialist. 

You will want to find the right specialist to fit in with you and your family so you don’t want to be limited on selection or availability. We recommend finding the perfect newborn care specialist in these ways: 

*Search for newborn care specialists who run their own businesses

*Find quality newborn care specialists through a nanny or postpartum doula agency

*Check out our Elite level trained newborn care specialist here:

Once you decide which direction you want to go for finding a newborn care specialist, set up interviews as soon as you can. This is a great way to find that perfect fit to be in your home and care for your newborn in one of the most special yet challenging times as a parent. 

Prepare for Baby

Decide What Kind of Care You Need

Our specialists have a range of abilities from caring for a newborn, sleep conditioning, and lactation support to guiding and educating parents as they learn their new roles. Speak to the specialist about the anticipated time frame you would need their services and which services you are really interested in; whether it is day time hours, only night help, or around the clock care. 

A newborn specialist can be as hands-on as you want. They can help with feedings by supporting a new parent learning to navigate the new world of nursing or offering non-judgmental support with formula feeding.  An NCS can also help with sleep conditioning so everyone in the home can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new day.  Many of them are also highly experienced with both multiples and premature babies and can gently guide new parents through this sometimes challenging phase of new parenthood.


Another important thing to remember is checking out the qualifications of the person you will be entrusting your newborn and family to by making sure they have extensive training and certifications, as well as great references that qualify them to give the best care. When your newborn specialist is trained with Newborn Care Solutions you can be confident that they have been equipped with a CACHE accredited education and many of our students go on to become CACHE certified newborn care specialists (link to info about this) and on to our highest level of training, the Master NCS®. 

Top Ways Parents Can Prepare for New Baby This Winter


Once you have decided on the right fit, begin the hiring process the right way. Make sure to discuss and agree upon the following:


*Sleeping arrangements for the newborn care specialist 


*Desired help/duties

Also, keep in mind that you will have some things to handle whether working with a newborn care specialist, a nanny agency, or one of our amazing Elite Students such as background checks and contracts. 

Top Ways Parents Can Prepare for New Baby This Winter

As you decide on whether a newborn care specialist is for you and your family or not, we hope you’ll keep all these suggestions in mind. We hear so many success stories when families decide to hire a newborn care specialist for this exciting yet challenging time in their life. We wish you the very best as you hold that new little life this winter. We hope you get to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and time with your baby as time does really fly.

We’d love to hear your thoughts; do you believe there will be a huge influx of babies this winter?

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