Our Process

We know all about the joys and chaos that comes with welcoming a newborn into your home - which is why our team works seamlessly to introduce you to NCS who are experts in their field while supporting you along each stage of your hiring journey. Wondering how to hire a newborn care specialist? Our process is below.

Fill out our simple information form.
We’ll send you a link to complete your family profile, and email you a little more information about our agency.
We’ll schedule a call to go over the ins and outs of your role and identify who will be an excellent fit for your household.
Once you’ve signed our agreement, we’ll begin recruiting from our talented, experienced pool of applicants (they’re the best in the business!) and will introduce you to fully-vetted applicants as they become available.
You will have the opportunity to meet and interview applicants to get a sense of their communication style, role expectations, and working dynamics. We will supply you with interview questions and guidelines to make sure you make the most out of your time.
Once you’ve identified the NCS you’d love to hire, we will walk you through the hiring and onboarding steps and run a background check on your new employee, as well as verify any other certifications or licenses they possess. We will guide you on the options of hiring your NCS as a domestic employee or as an independent contractor, depending on applicable state laws, and will guide you through any contract negotiations that may come up.
Rest, relax, and await your newborn’s arrival date knowing that you’ll both be in good hands. We will check in periodically and offer guidance on everything needed to ensure a smooth first day on the job for your NCS.
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