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Maryann Robbins

Placement Director

Maryann was born in Methuen, MA and grew up on a farm in New Hampshire before relocating to Phoenix, AZ over ten years ago. Children are at the foundation of her career - every single professional role she has held has been related to the well-being of children. Her mother even used to host La Leche League meetings at their home when she was a child. She received her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education while working as a preschool teacher and soon learned that her passion laid with working with children and families in more close-knit settings. She transitioned to professional nanny work and still keeps in touch with the families she worked with over twenty years ago. She is a CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist, CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator.

Maryann founded and still runs the largest and longest-running nationwide overnight newborn care specialist group with over 3,000 members. She has been a pillar of support to the NCS and postpartum community, and sees her involvement with The Newborn Care Solutions Agency as a natural progression in her life’s work to supporting parents and children, and values the once-in-a-lifetime experiences and travel opportunities over the course of her career. We are grateful to have Maryann’s knowledge, empathy, and skills as the backbone of our agency.

Maryann lives in Phoenix and, in her free time, enjoys taking fitness classes, cooking, laughing with friends, traveling, and seeing live music.

Todd & Tonya Sakowicz

Founders of Newborn Care Solutions

After a successful career as a newborn care specialist and owning a nanny agency in Seattle, Tonya turned her focus towards professionalizing, empowering and developing the newborn care specialist community. Together with her husband Todd, she founded Newborn Care Solutions in 2015. Todd, her biggest cheerleader, saw the potential in the vision and its early success, and left a career in real estate and business consulting to provide strategy, the technological know-how and business acumen to support Tonya’s science-backed, educationally-focused organization.

Since its inception, Newborn Care Solutions has trained over 5k newborn care specialists, won multiple awards, and several press interviews and mentions. Tonya has received accolades from DEMA, INA, business coaching programs and more.

As parents themselves, Todd and Tonya understand your desire to provide exceptional care for your children and are excited to utilize their resources and expertise to their greatest passion: seeing babies thrive!

Victoria Calleja

Community Relations

Victoria, a seasoned professional with a passion for maternal and newborn care, embarked on her journey in 2005 as a childbirth educator specializing in The Bradley Method®. Over the years, she expanded her expertise by incorporating birth and postpartum doula services in 2008, followed by placenta encapsulation. In the last five years, Victoria has dedicated her skills to newborn care, establishing herself as a respected newborn care specialist.

Victoria holds professional certifications, including being an ICEA certified birth doula and a CACHE certified newborn care specialist, showcasing her commitment to maintaining the highest standards in her field. Her wealth of experience extends beyond the perinatal realm, as she seamlessly transitioned from a previous career in Information Technology. Her roles as a project manager and quality assurance specialist equipped her with valuable skills that she now integrates into her current work.

Currently serving as a community outreach coordinator, Victoria is excited to merge her diverse skill set and vast network of perinatal providers. Her extensive professional relationships in the perinatal field position her as a connector and facilitator, eager to engage with stakeholders in her new role.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Victoria finds joy in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Whether at the gym, immersed in a good book, or exploring new destinations, she embraces life's diverse experiences. Victoria cherishes quality time with her family, where game nights become cherished moments.

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