Providing education, healing tools, and support systems to both women and their providers in the years postpartum.

Holistic Postpartum Nutrition Training

Support your postpartum clients mentally, emotionally, and physically through functional nutrition.

You already understand the significance of the postpartum years. Now it's time to support hormone balance, nutrient repletion, and absorption for whole-body health and vitality.

Strengthen your knowledge about the postpartum physiological changes that disrupt gut function, digestion, and absorption.

  • Expand your skills on how you can use functional nutrition in your toolbox to radically change the health outcomes of your clients.
  • Sharpen your professional expertise so that you feel more comfortable guiding your client's nutritional needs alongside your current healing modalities.
  • Revitalize your love for postpartum care while you witness recovery and deep healing within your clients.

Postpartum Nutrient Repletion Plan

Our uniquely designed program is the only program of its kind. We provide you a comprehensive plan with recipes, herbal support, supplement guide, freezer meal instructions, shopping lists, safe detox protocols, and more.

All focusing on your individual, whole-body needs. It's everything you've ever dreamed of.

  • Sustain a healthy milk supply if you are still breastfeeding, so that your baby is always getting enough of the best.
  • Get better sleep so that you FINALLY feel more rested and ready for the crazy day ahead.
  • Eliminate the guilt and overwhelm of having to deal with what to eat, what to cook, and how to plan all of that with kids.
  • Support a healthy weight as you eat foods that your body is BEGGING for without starving, counting calories, or going on an unnecessary diet.

The Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program

We need professionals like you.

Together, as midwives, doulas, nutritionists, doctors, chiropractors, counselors, mothers, and more, we can offer a holistic whole-body approach to healing the mind, body, and soul of postpartum women everywhere through proper nourishment.

Not only are we effectively changing the lives of mothers and their families, but we are also fulfilling a vision of better care for future generations.

It's time to get back to the roots of health and nourishment and profoundly change the postpartum paradigm as we know it.

More than just training

More skills, More babies, more money.
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