Newborn Care Solutions® is now CACHE Accredited!


Wait, what?

Who is CACHE and what does this all mean?

Let us explain!! 

So, the WHAT:

Recently, CACHE announced their first-ever certification for Newborn Care Specialists, who are nannies specializing in the care of newborn infants. CACHE has approved and accredited the Foundational Newborn Care Specialist course as taught by Newborn Care Solutions® as their first offering in this field, granting a world respected and recognized CACHE certification to students who complete this course and other certification requirements. CACHE also offers a verification service for potential employers to validate an applicant’s claim to have achieved the CACHE certification as a Newborn Care Specialist.

Now the Who:

CACHE is a world-recognized (since 1945!), legitimate authority in the field of child care.  The Council for Awards in Care, Health & Education (CACHE) was formerly known as the famed National Nursery Examinations Board (NNEB) in the U.K. They provide fully independent third-party-verified accreditation and certification for educators and caregivers, setting the standards for the fields of “Care, Health & Education.” CACHE is recognized worldwide as a legitimate authority with a longstanding reputation for having the highest expectations for their students. Their accreditation and certification programs “have helped millions of learners across the world to raise professional standards, earning [CACHE] a reputation for excellence and leadership across the sector”.

CACHE provides comprehensive review and continual oversight of the training programs which they accredit to grant their certifications, as well as regularly monitoring the content to make sure it matches their very high standards for best practices. CACHE’s long-standing reputation and hard-earned authority in this field provide assurance to parents, agencies and nannies that the “certifications” granted under accreditation by and under the authority of CACHE provide a genuine and reliable indication of excellence as a newborn care specialist.

So what does this all mean?

Our culture and society place a higher standard of care and attention on professionals who provide care to vulnerable populations like babies. Thus, the content - and not just the format - of their training is of the utmost importance.  CACHE’s recognized position in the industry means that their accreditation, and the certifications granted under their authority, are of the highest integrity because CACHE does just that--they actually accredit the CONTENT and not just the process. This is also the case with common true health care “certifications,”; for example, the American Heart Association and its CPR guidelines and certification. This means the CACHE standard is much higher, and a completely different type of standard than what is required for other fields, such as financial planning, crane operations, and other such fields which have “accreditation” and “certification” that are not related to the actual content.

In other words, CACHE checked us out and said “THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!”

So is this any different than other “certifications” for NCS?

In a word, yes.  Of the types of “certification” which exist, the gold standard is a certification which is issued under the authority of the organization which is actually responsible for setting the guidelines and standards being validated and certified.

Certifications from other organizations can, of course, be meaningful (just like passing any CPR course is far better than having no knowledge at all). But only the certification which is granted under the authority of an independent, widely recognized authority in the field has the full weight of professional validity, and this means that the individual certified has genuinely and reliably achieved mastery of the required content for their profession.

Organizations of professionals who seek to monitor themselves and raise the level of professionalism in their industry offer a tremendous value to the industry through networking and informal continuing education, but they cannot offer independent validation of critical knowledge and skills because by definition, they are not independent at all. Furthermore, they cannot set guidelines from a place of recognized authority because they have no actual independent checks and balances.

So essentially, CACHE said: This is the standard, does your course content meet our standard? 

Then they reviewed it, asked us to make a few small changes (which made us even BETTER!) and then they said “Yes, we will put our stamp of approval on this (accreditation) and for those who take this course, pass the exam and meet our other requirements, we will offer them certification

So I took the Newborn Care Solutions Foundational NCS course, how do I get certified?? 

Click here and we will email you more information on certification requirements and how this all works when it becomes available.

Join us in celebrating this victory for newborn care specialists, agencies and the families who are blessed by this!  Help spread the word!

Tonya Sakowicz
Founder & CEO
Additional Articles by Tonya:

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