Free Resources to Help You as a Newborn Care Specialist

Did you know we offer free resources to you for you to expand your knowledge here at Newborn Care Solutions? You heard us right! We have many free courses and interviews to help you in several areas whether you are a nanny, postpartum doula, childcare provider, nanny agency, or newborn care specialist. With all of our free resources, you can expand your knowledge, gain new skills for your career, and grow!

You can find so many amazing resources at our Learning Module System found here. You will see our paid courses listed in the training first, and as you click through the pages you will then see our free courses and "Real Talks".

Free Resource: Courses

  • "So You Want to be an NCS?"

This course is perfect for the person who is curious about what it takes and what a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) does. We help address the common (and even the not so common) questions on the role of an NCS as well as other topics related to babies.

Enroll for free here.

  • "Why Routines Matter"

Tonya brings you these courses all about routines and schedules. Routines and schedules are a great way to help kids feel secure, know what to expect, and thrive. This course will help you better explain to parents and other caregivers why it is so important.

Enroll for free here.

  • "Defining Personal & Professional Boundaries"

This course teaches you how to tactfully create personal and professional boundaries while working in the caregiver industry. Tonya teaches you how to confidently keep your sanity and not be taken advantage of when working with families.

Enroll for free here.

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Free Resources: Live Talks

Have you been wanting to catch our Live Talks but unable to make it? No worries! We have all of the Live Talks recorded and able to be viewed at any time. They are all a part of our free courses in our learning module system.

  • Real Talk with Dr. Deborah Gilboa: How to Talk to Kids in the Middle of a Crisis?

In this Real Talk, Dr. Gilboa talks about how to discuss and navigate high-stress times with your children.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Jay Schulze at Homework Solutions Part 1- Paid Leave in a Pandemic

Jay shares all about Provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) during the pandemic. He talks about how the FFCRA provides paid leave and tax credits aimed at keeping people employed. Check this Real Talk out about applying for these benefits and how your employers can benefit too.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Sue Downey from Nanny Palooza- Working with Older Kids-Ideas for Having Them Home

In this Real Talk, Sue shares ideas for older kids (school-aged) you have at home. She talks all about meeting their needs and supporting them through the time of being at home with school and helps brainstorm some ideas while working with kids, ages 9- teens.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Hope Schachter- Positive Coping Strategies During Isolation

During times of isolation, caregivers may be missing their sense of purpose so Hope shares positive coping strategies and resources for keeping you plugged into your career. She also talks on some self-care too!

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Alexandra Latten Argosino- Personal Integrity

Alexandra comes to share ways to support clients and colleagues by being honest and accountable. Personal integrity is the one core value for delivering ethical support to our clients, as well as to our peers.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Jay Schulze at Homework Solutions Part 2-Financial Relief with COVID-19

Jay joins us for part 2 of this series and shares with us financial relief related to COVID-19 for independent contractors or sole proprietors. He discusses loans that are available to small businesses, when and how you can claim unemployment benefits and more.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Shenandoah Davis: How to Make Your Nanny Application Stand Out

Shenandoah shares with us how to stand out in a sea of applications as a nanny. She shares her insight as a nanny agency CEO with Adventure Nannies on how you can make your application be the one that nanny agencies are looking for.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Erin Carol Manning- How Important Routines Are

Erin joins us with tips on how to have a routine during these times. She talks on how beneficial they are for growth; emotionally, cognitively, and socially for children and people in general.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Kim K. Morgan- Interview the 2020 INA Nanny of the Year™

Join us as we have a unique and special edition of Real Talk as we interview Kim who is the 2020 INA Nanny of the Year™. She shares with us her recent recognition as well as talks about her experiences with children.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Thaty Oliveira- Standing Your Ground & the Future of Jobs Post- COVID-19

Thaty shares some important insights and tips for nannies, nanny agencies, newborn care specialists, and more in the results of the economic crisis of COVID-19 such as how jobs are demanding nannies for less pay. That shares how nannies and newborn care specialists how to stand their ground, value their work, and learn how to sell their expertise.

Enroll for free here.

  • Real Talk with Jodi Congdon: Birth Professional Business Tips

Jodi joins us to talks about the business side of a birth professional. She is a postpartum doula and lactation educator who teaches a variety of perinatal classes and has created a business for birth professionals training. She shares the importance of networking, social media, and marketing for birth businesses.

Enroll for free here.

Free Resources: eBook

We also have a free eBook with 5 Tips to Become a Successful Newborn Care Specialist also available. This free guide shares the 5 top tips to becoming a highly specialized and trained in-home childcare provider who focuses on the care of newborns in the first 12-16 weeks.

Grab yours here.

We hope you'll take advantage of these free resources to help you as a nanny, postpartum doula, or newborn care specialist. Start increasing your value, marketability, expertise, and income with us.

Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and check out the other posts on the blog!

Are you looking to become a newborn care specialist or enhance your current NCS training? Or help your current pool of nannies become an NCS? View Our Other Courses Here!

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Founder & CEO
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