Complete System for Successful Newborn Care Specialist Placements

Introduction To Placing Newborn Care Specialists

Why this was created is both a huge question and yet such a simple one.

So often, agency owners and staff recognize that the NCS market has been exploding and that there is a growing demand for agencies to place newborn care specialists, but they are uncertain as to how to break into the field and do it well. It seems like such a simple task at first glance, especially for those who are so good at placing nannies and who have done it successfully for many years. Yet, once they delve into the NCS world, they begin to realize it is not quite as easy as it may seem. 

There are nuances to placing newborn care specialists that need to be considered, starting with a clear understanding of the agency’s role in NCS placements and the expectations of both the caregiver and the family. There are a variety of different types of postpartum caregivers and it’s important to know the names of the similar roles and the distinctions of each. If an agency is ready to start placing newborn care specialists, it’s important they know how to educate families on these differing roles and how to focus on what an NCS can bring to them. 

It is also vital to market not only to potential client families but to the NCS as well, and there is more to learn than first meets the eye. The way that you, as an agency, interact with a newborn care specialist is very different than the way you interact with a nanny. This program focuses on educating agencies in all these areas, so that you can enter the NCS placement world with confidence and excellence.
Agencies have been asking for information, over and over, and while we love doing in-person one-on-one consulting, we also know that is not always the best option for every agency. Many of you want to tap into this growing market but are just not sure exactly how to get started. So instead, you don’t do anything. You are capable and confident in placing nannies, but this ‘NCS thing’ is a whole other animal and many of you don’t feel quite as confident. While it certainly is different from placing nannies, the things that you already know and do with your current nanny placements, in many cases, translate well to NCS placement with just a few changes and a different approach. With that in mind, we set out creating this program to help answer these questions.

This program can help you learn what you need to know to reach your clients, how to confidently explain the different postpartum caregiver roles and the benefits to their family and achieve success quickly, allowing you to create a whole new income stream for your agency. Depending on your market, this could potentially quickly become a 6-figure income stream and 25-30% of your placement income. In this program, you will find everything you need to get started and successfully and confidently tap into the potential of your market.


  • “Once [our agency] started to grow, we started getting more feedback from families about our services. It was very clear that parents were looking for a higher standard of newborn care. Families we work with are looking to get their babies into a routine and they want to understand their babies’ needs. They don’t just want support for overnights, they want us to leave them with a baby that sleeps! And they want us to leave them with the confidence to support their infant’s sleep long term. We feel like the experience of our team members, along with the training from Newborn Care Solutions , blows away any other training. When we are interviewing potential team members, we exclusively recommend Newborn Care Solutions training before we take them on. We feel confident with anyone on our team that has taken [Newborn Care Solutions] courses.”
    Kristin Smith
  • “I can always tell when I’m working with an agency that has had direct guidance from Newborn Care Solutions. They treat me as a true Newborn Care Specialist with all that involves and advocate for my position with families rather than marketing me as just another ‘night nanny’. They understand appropriate rates of pay and pay structures for experienced providers, they fight to find me the ‘right’ clients and they understand the legalities of legal pay dependent on the position’s structure! Agency positions through Newborn Care Solutions trained agencies are always at the top of my list!”
    Wendy Sjaardema
  • “Our agency took on NCS placements occasionally but didn’t have much success until our staff took Newborn Care Solutions’ Foundational and Advanced courses. With Tonya’s help, we completely transformed our NCS process and have been thrilled by the results. We now get to work with our favorite clients again as they welcome new babies into their families, build NCS teams, and work with the same candidates over and over again. NCS placements now make up over 20% of our revenue and have been a mainstay during COVID-19 and economic uncertainty. Learning how to do these placements well has been a game-changer for us, and one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”
    Shenandoah Davis
  • “I took the Foundational Newborn Care Solutions course and my nanny took it as well to prepare for the birth of our child…I would tell agency owners that this course can only benefit your candidates. They can take the course at their own speed while continuing to work and improve their skill set. It’s a win/win for all! Especially the parents who will feel more confident in their parenting choices after the guidance of an NCS and they will be able to have the support they need.”
    Ryan Jordan

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