Baby3&me makes an ideal gift for the whole family

With a bold statement like “We want every gift to feel like a little piece of home for each family member”, the monthly subscription box company Baby3&me had some big promises to fulfill….

But before I get into that, let me explain something--the more well-known Newborn Care Solutions becomes, the more companies we are hearing from who want some kind of stamp of approval from us.  Some want a photo of me with their product, some want to quote me or our training to help promote the claims of their product, and some want us to endorse what they offer. And it is this latter request that gets quite interesting sometimes.  Usually it is some new product or idea to make babies eat or sleep better and usually I have to tell people that their gadget is either not very helpful or in some cases, downright dangerous. So most of the time, there isn’t much to say afterwards and I don’t write much about it as I don’t want to spend a bunch of time on the negative.  So, it was with what has become growing skepticism that I agreed to have a look at the Baby3&me monthly subscription box. And I have to say that I love when a company shows me there are still folks out there doing it with excellence and a passion.

The very short statement is this: if I were having a baby right now, I would WANT this subscription.  I was very impressed with what was included in the box they sent me and if each month is this great, then this is a winner.

So what was in this box that impressed me so much?  And what DID actually make me feel like I just received a well-thought out box from grandma (the company was started by grandparents wanting to continue to feel connected to their family who is spread throughout the US, by the way!)?

Well, to be honest, they had me at jam… blackberry jam no less…for this girl who still misses living in the great Pacific Northwest and has fond memories of blackberry picking in the late Summer, it was a homerun!  Wait, jam? In a baby box? That is one of the cool things about this particular box subscription and part of what makes it more unique; it is a box for parents and their young kids; not just the baby. Great smelling personal products for dad, foot scrub for mom, and lots of great stuff for your little one(s), whether newborn or toddler!  

Baby3&m Blackberry Jam

Baby3&m Mom Baby3&m

So let’s talk the baby stuff…. Because let’s be real, aside from that blackberry jam, I am all about the baby stuff.  

Baby3&mA swaddle blanket made out of lightweight cotton (so it doesn’t stretch like muslin, but isn’t hot like flannel) that is actually big enough to swaddle a baby in… huge score with this swaddle devotee’!  And it was in black and white stripes so it would go with virtually any décor or style.

A bath towel and super fluffy washcloths with cute embroidered dogs--immediately confiscated by my 10 year-old veterinarian-to-be, an adorable plate and spoon set that were not in bright, garish colors (this is becoming requested more and more by clients of our students which tells me this company is paying attention), a classic Melissa and Doug Toddler toy and a sweet baby rattle.  Of all the baby things in the box, the rattle was my least favorite, only because of the brighter colors, but it was still much nicer than most other mass produced products on the market.

With subscription options starting at $39 a month, this is actually something that is affordable to consider and with all that comes in the box, frankly, I think it is a great deal!

I will be sharing the baby products I can’t use with a pregnant friend and definitely passing the word around to friends, students and clients… So if you want to feel like grandma packed a box of goodies just for you and sent them from home, check it out at: for One-Time gift purchases or to subscribe

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Tonya Sakowicz
Founder & CEO
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